Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Before and After

I guess we always knew Han wasn't the tidiest space bachelor around... but goddamn... no wonder Lando says "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SHIP?"

personally I'm digging that overhead light. It reminds me of the kitchen in ET for some reason.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The trailer for Solo is officially a blast. Naysayers beware, I seriously do not care about your opinion. I'm excited and I plan to stay excited.

But it wouldn't be Deeply Obsessed without poking at the details...

They changed the Falcon, like I previously posted, and I'm actually fine with the changes. It looks good in action and it pays beautiful homage to Ralph McQuarrie's concept painting for our favoirte pirate ship... But I just saw the underside of the Falcon in Solo and... so... Ok, here's the thing. in 1977, the millennium falcon had three landing gear, two in the back and one in the front. And then in Empire two more were added in the front along with some huge boxes set into the saucer. The story goes they were added for stability when the 86-foot freestanding prop was built for the rebel base. And I'm totally fine with the in-universe idea that Han modified the ship between the two stories and added more landing gear... BUT... the version in the Solo movie has 5 landing gear and the extra boxes. You're telling me Han got the ship before A New Hope, knocked off two landing gear... and put them back on in Empire? what? Haha, as I'm writing this I can hear how petty and niggling my gripe is. but come on!

So my going theory is that they're using the same full-size prop on Solo that they used on Force Awakens and Last Jedi, which has 5 landing gear, and they've just set dressed it to look like the new 'old' falcon. Rather than spending money to take off landing gear, either on the prop or in post, the production department said "no one really cares, right? hmm, but I do have this weird feeling... a disturbance in the force... and a name coming out of the void... the name Stinson? and he's PISSED... but I have no clue who that is... anyway, like I said, who cares?"

heh, anyway... before the trailer came out, I had wondered if there were going to be 3 or 5 landing gear, and I joked that I was gonna walk if I found out there were 5. Well, I found out, and guess what? I'm still excited as @#%!! to see this movie. Come on May.

here's a render I made last year, supposing that the production department was gonna troll us Falcon aficionados and add not just 2 extra landing gear, but 20...

it could always be worse!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bigger on the inside... sorta

It's often said of the Millennium Falcon that the interior set wouldn't actually fit the exterior set used for filming. A lot has been written on the subject, but here's an illustration of just how badly the two sets fit together.

Essentially the ramp is the only place where the two sets can agree. After that point all hell breaks loose...

Friday, January 5, 2018

Solo Falcon

Another year, another chance to play "what have you done to my ship?"

if grainy images coming out of Russia are to be believed this January, the Millennium Falcon featured in the stand alone Han Solo movie will feature a new (old?) nose...

Out of curiosity I bashed together this preview of the possible design by modifying existing models I've built.

Honestly... I'm fine with it. I'm curious to see how she looks up close, and how close I've come to the design that will feature in the movie. Few more months to go before I find out....

honestly the paint job is bugging me the most. I kinda wish they'd just made it stock white like a stardestroyer. Does it really need markings? These random blue markings just feel like an R2 skin was slapped on it.